The Characters

Mo-chan Alucard von Mosquiton
He's a thousand-year-old vampire who has a real weak spot for cute girls. He can be killed with a wooden stake, but just touch a drop of blood to his ashes and he'll be back as good as new, with an extra perk - he's now bound, body and soul, to you and has to do whatever you want. In the case of Inaho, we feel sorry for poor Mo-chan. She abuses him terribly...but he looks so cute when he's being abused!
I just can't get over how kawaii Mo-chan is. He's like a big undead puppydog. ^_^ He's wonderfully easy to manipulate and is totally at the mercy of any woman who comes along, but at the same time is quite aware of this and has a brilliantly cynical sense of humour. Inaho: "Wow! A secret passage!" Mosquiton: "Wow! We'll probably all die!"
He's got Hotohori's voice, of course. And to top it off, in the OVA when he gets a 'drink' he becomes full vampire (he's normally one-quarter human) and kicks total ass like nobody but Dark Schneider. Unfortunately, the only way to calm him down again afterwards is to kill him. Fortunately, he's indestructible. On top of all this he cooks, does laundry, cleans....I say he's the perfect man, neh? ^_~

Pissed-off Inaho Inaho Hitomebore
Inaho's grandmother told her stories of a mysterious vampire known as 'M', entombed beneath the family castle, and also how the legendary O-Parts could grant immortality. After she discovered Mo-chan and revived him, Inaho decided to go off in search of the O-Parts so she could stay young and beautiful with Mo-chan forever. Unfortunately it's not as easy as all that, especially considering Inaho's somewhat, er, erratic personality. Most of the time she's a total idiot and takes poor Mo-chan for granted, but she does have her good points occasionally. The TV version of Inaho is even more psycho, only she's after the O-Parts so she can be rich.

Camille Camille Inaho Camilla
Mo-chan's ex-wife (they haven't seen each other for 300 years) and possibly the most oversexed vampire of all time. She's fanatically singleminded in her quest to get naked with Mo-chan and catch up for lost time. Unfortunately for Mo-chan, Inaho isn't too thrilled about Camille's appearance and he ends up in one of those Ryoko-Ayeka situations whereby he won't get *any* nookie coz the other woman would kill him (and does, repeatedly). Oh well.

YukiHonoo Honoo & Yuki
Mo-chan's loyal retainers, they're elementals of fire and ice respectively. In normal form they're little kids, but when something threatens their boss they Transform And Roll Out!, wrong show. Anyways, Honoo becomes a hunky guy and Yuki becomes a very bouncy woman and then they kick bad guy butt, but not without spending lots of time complaining about Inaho's uselessness and how Mo-chan isn't drinking enough. "Boss, why don't you just kill her?" Mo-chan: "I don't think she'd like that very much, ehehehehe."
In the TV series they're even more antagonistic towards Inaho, going out of their way to try and get her killed. Can't blame them, really...^_^ the TV Inaho is a REAL bitch.

Earl Earl St. German
A long-time enemy of Mo-chan's, Earl works for Rasputin. Earl is definitely not human; he can transform himself into virtually anything (as long as it's creepy looking) and regenerate even better than a vampire. He and Mo-chan get into lots of really kick-ass battles. Note of interest: Earl's seiyuu is the guy behind Dark Schneider from 'Bastard!!'.

Earl Rasputin
A freaky fellow who's been around for longer than taxes, he's after the O-parts for his own nefarious purposes (no spoilers, ha ha). Earl wheels him around in a wheelchair and he mutters a lot with creepy organs playing in the background.

TV series only:

Wolf Lady Wolf Lady
Wolf Lady is after the O-parts to cure her of her lupine tendencies (whenever a man touches her, she turns into a werewolf). She teams up with Mo-chan and Inaho and ends up working at Inaho's school as a biology teacher (snicker), although she seldom misses an opportunity to double-cross Inaho and try to get the O-parts for herself.

Franky Franky Negger
The team meets Franky while exploring a mysterious place called 'Jerry's Castle' (oo, mysterious name!). He's a devotee of Wolf Lady's and has just about every picture of her ever printed. He'll do just about anything if she just smiles at him. Needless to say, she exploits this obsession shamelessly. He's not too bright, but makes up for it in brute strength.

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